KuppingerCole Badge Tracker

A complete history of your networking activities during KuppingerCole's conferences and seminars

Each badge now has a personal QR code. Just scan these codes when people visit your booth or if you would like to stay in touch with someone you've met at the sessions. All you need is a smartphone with a QR code reader app and a KuppingerCole account.

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Scan a badge

Use your smartphone with a QR reader app to scan a participant's badge. You will immediately see their contact information and add a record to your check-in history. Please note that you need to log in when you use this service for the first time.

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My history

Every scanned badge is recorded in your check-in history. You can access this history at any time, view people's contact information or add your own comments. You can export the contacts to Outlook or download the whole history in Excel format.

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Company history

Click here to see a consolidated list of all badges scanned by your colleagues during the event.